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Master cutlery now owns the rambo name and makes unofficial massproduced film replica knives work with gil hibben edit. Since then united has produced a huge variety of designs by hibben knives from simple throwing knives to fantasy art pieces to folders, hunting skinng and kenpo karate. Gh5003 large triple warrior set gh5007 gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with leather sheath gh5008 hibben iv combat machete gh5019 gil hibben old west toothpick with sheath gh5023a gil hibben 2011 eclipse bowie. Rambo knife, tactical knives, tactical gear, combat knives, design language. Rambo 1, 2, 3 knives, rambo iv machete, rambo first 6 products from. This article originally appeared in the february 2008 issue of blade magazine, which you can download here. Gil hibben sidewinder dagger bowie hunter knife 7mm full tang 7cr17 gh5058 new. Schrade original bowie collectible fixed blade knives. Gil made a prototype hollow handle survival knife with saw teeth along the spine. Gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with leather sheath sylvester stallone. Gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with leather sheath this is the.

As a knife collector, stallone had a number of gil hibben s knives in his personal collection. Why you should never use a gil hibben knife youtube. Comparison of the rambo iv replica knives cartertown. It comes with a certificate of authenticity, but i have suspicions this isnt a gil hibbens original, as i saw this same one in the budk. The knife is flat ground from 14 inch thick d2 carbon tool steel. Stallone later changed his mind and opted for another of gil s designs, the now famous rambo iii bowie knife. Gil hibben rambo iv 2008 machete knife dagger sylvester. Designed by gil hibben for sylvester stallone to be used in the motion.

Review and test for the gil hibben iv machete knife as seen in rambo. Gil hibben rambo machete knife crafted for the film. Hibben designed the first line of browning hunting knives in 1968, the american kenpo knife for ed parker, and the rambo knife for the films rambo iii and rambo. Find great deals on ebay for hibben knives and united cutlery. There are three different official replicas of the rambo iv minimachete. These knives are something to add to your knife collection and will only go up in price as they discontinue certain models. Product description this is the machete that everyone is still talking about. Gil hibben handmade knives made for use in the rambo iii movie, from gil hibben s web site. Gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with true swords. In 1987 sylvester stallone called upon gil hibben to make a custom knife for his upcoming movie rambo iii. In 1988 sylvester stallone made the third rambo movie. Idea by bear goode on knives rambo knife, bowie knife, knife. In addition, gil hibben licenses some of his designs for factory reproductions to be made by other companies such as united cutlery. There is another replica made by master cutlery, or the hollywood collectibles group, and another made by united cutlery.

Another exceptional example of craftsmanship from master knife maker gil hibben, this machete was designed for sylvester stallones rambo character to use in the hit motion picture rambo and was also featured on the cover of blade magazine. Check out the prerelease poster featuring gil s rambo iii design. Besides several prototypes that gil hibben made for the movie, gil made a serial numbered limited edition of. Over the last 2 years we have scanned over 4500 photographs gil has taken over the years. A survival knife is the most important piece of gear in any outdoorsmans backpack, hunting gear or fishing tackle. Gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with leather sheath. Gil hibben modern custom and handmade fixed blade knives. Hibben original bowie collectible fixed blade knives for. How gil hibben created the rambo iv knife blade magazine a mustread for all gil hibben knife fans. All we know is that stallone received them, took them to bulgaria with him for filming, then only used gil s machete in the film. Rambo will use the heartstopper, made by dietmar pohl, of pohl force in germany, as his big one.

The alien, by blade magazine cutlery halloffame member gil hibben. The samurai curve to the blade helps to slice through anything without getting stuck. Gil hibben is the only knife designer to work on three rambo films, the most of any knifesmith that has worked on the franchise. In october of 2006, sylvester stallone contacted gil about making a new knife for the upcoming rambo movie due to be released early 2008. This machete was designed for sylvester stallones rambo character to use in the hit motion picture rambo. Its basically a copy of the version used in the movie but it doesnt have the rambo name on it anywhere due to licensing issues. Rambo 4 movie machete knife for sale swords direct. The blade would be marked with depressions from the hammer blows. This is the knife everyone has been talking about all year. Here are all of the knives gil hibben was asked by sylvester stallone, and were shipped directly to him, for use in the recent rambo film, last blood. When stallone contacted hibben about doing the knife for the third film, hibben made a prototype hollowhandle survival knife with sawteeth on the spine. Rambo iii was the first rambo movie for which gil hibben made knives, taking over from cutlery halloffamer jimmy lile, who made the knives for the first two rambo films.

Gil finally decided that considering rambo s skills and experience, and the materials that the character would have available, the knife would have a cord wrapped handle, perhaps covered with some tape for additional grip. I love the similar appearance to the rambo iii bowie another favorite in my collection. Rambo iii 25th anniversary rescue mission knife gil hibben. In thailand, john rambo joins a group of mercenaries.

Review of the gil hibben, 1090 high carbon steel, hibben iv machete. Designed by gil hibben for sylvester stallone to be used in the hit motion picture and the blade magazine cover story. Designed by gil hibben for sylvester stallone to be used in the hit motion picture rambo iv and the blade magazine cover story. Make offer gil hibben hand made damascus usa v45 rambo. So when he needed a bold new knife design for his john rambo character in the movie, he called on gil. We are, and will continue to be, the only source of authentic reproductions of the knives used by sylvester stallone in the movies rambo iii and rambo. Stallone is filming rambo iv and i would expect it to be released sometime in 2007 or 2008. Its known as the hibben iv because it was created by gil hibben who of course made the original rambo iv machete. Hibben original collectible knives, swords, blades, armors. Rambo 4 rambo knife movie m love drive cute names steel art custom knives blade knifes. Gil hibben rambo iv prototype movie bowie knife used look limited stallone. However, that doesnt make it a bad replica of the rambo iv knife. The knife featured in the fourth rambo film is a drastic departure from the other three. Gil even provided handmade blade blanks for the bowie and dagger so it would appear rambo was making the knives.

The lost rambo knife you never knew about blade magazine. The knife offers one solid piece of hand forged 1090 carbon steel with a black fabric wrapped grip. Blade magazine article discusses the collaboration between hibben and sylvester stallone to design and develop a knife for rambo iv s titular character, played by stallone. Please enjoy this archival history of the most prolific knife maker in this countrys history. Due to a licensing dispute regarding the use of the name rambo, gil hibben s knives are not marked with the rambo name. Gil hibben iv machete knife with leather sheath gh5007. Gil hibben fixed blade knives 1970now for sale ebay. Buy gil hibben rambo iv machete knife with leather sheath. Rambo and the expendables movie knives by gil hibben. It is also essential for every survival kit and bugout bag. I love this blade, well balanced, takes an edge beautifully, easy to clean and an absolute delight to carry on your hip. Get the best deals on gil hibben fixed blade knives 1970now when you shop the largest online selection at ebay. Those along with countless internet photos consist of only a portion of the pieces gil hibben has made since the start of his career in 1957.

Sly knew he wanted the machete that gil made for him to use in rambo iv so he had gil make that again. Hibben knives hibben custom knives hibben custom creations. Hibben rambo iv machete united cutlery gil hibben this is the knife everyone has been talking about all year. Gil hibben is a professional knife designer that worked with sylvester stallone on the knife designs for the last three rambo films. This knife offers a machete style blade constructed from 440 stainless steel. The best survival knives have a comfortable, slipfree grip, and the ability to handle whatever cutting or.

Get the best deals on gil hibben modern custom and handmade fixed blade knives when you shop the largest online selection at. With sylvester stallone, julie benz, matthew marsden, graham mctavish. Sly also had gil make a bowie and a very pretty daggerletter opener that rambo was going to make on screen for his niece. United cutlery is a taiwanbased knifemaking company, specializing in movie replica knives they have worked with gil hibben and jimmy lile to make officially licensed replicas of all the famous rambo knives. Gil hibben signed a licensing agreement with united cutlery in 1987 for united to reproduce hibben knives designs. Get the best deals on gil hibben when you shop the largest online selection at. Making knives, the history of the bowie knife, and the rambo knives duration. Gh0947b gil hibben black triple pro throwing knife set with nylon sheath gh1168 gil hibben alaskan survival knife with sheath.

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