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Welcome to ron smith guitars custom archtop and bass guitars. This presented a problem for me, i had many years of experience playing and owning and building steel string. Individual, handson instruction in classical and flamenco guitar making. How to fit archtop guitar braces the art of lutherie. Archtop guitar building class american archtop guitars. Chorded solos work book chordal bebop lines 4 jazz guitar. Devoted to connecting archtop fans with guitar building experts to get dream instrument. Archtop our most refined electric bass instrument, the archtop bass embodies our concept of the ultimate in class and distinctive design. See what industry greats have said about this book. The important 20thcentury american luthiers john dangelico and jimmy daquisto made archtop guitars. An archtop guitar is a hollow steelstringed acoustic or semiacoustic guitar with a full body and a distinctive arched top, whose sound is particularly popular with jazz, blues, and rockabilly players typically, an archtop guitar has. The american luthier orville gibson specialized in mandolins, and is credited with creating the archtop guitar. Click on the luthiers names or a guitar that interests you pictured below for more information. Carve the plates, make the bridge and tailpiece, bind the headstock.

Luthierowner, christopher bass guitar ok, this is a recording of the prototype, not the one im building now. This book will be a great supplement to any guitar builders arsenal, as long as you make sure to purchase other books to go with it. I havent played that ibanez, but i own a very fine ibanez semihollow archtop guitar and have played several of their hollowbody archtop guitars as well. Marchione fretless bass when i began working on this project, the idea was to take a classic jazzstyle bass guitar and make a more ergonomic and friendly feeling fretless version able to sing your melodic and harmonic lines effortlessly. The idea of a guitaron is to produce a maximum of bass by a big, voluminous body and a pretty short six string neck. Archtops account for about a third of his production. I was able to build my first archtop guitar with the help of bob benedettos book another must have for that type of instrument but eventually as my luthier career progressed a client wanted me to build them a nylon string guitar.

With accelerated development of jazz in early 20th century, evolving bands. Learn how to make a carved top and back archtop jazz guitar with brazilian luthier joao cassias. Please check out my existing inventory of custom archtop guitars and custom bass guitars. However, the 2nd edition has a fresh new layout and includes changes brought about by new material and some alternative guitar making techniques along with. Build a quality stringed instrument new england luthiers. An essential item for the instrument builder, the luthier s handbook explores the secrets and science behind making goodsounding acoustic stringed instruments. The following illustration shows the parts of a typical archtop. Fine archtops mission custom archtop guitars find archtop. Archtop hollowbody acoustic or electric guitar trapeze tailpiece gold archtop hollowbody acoustic or electric guitar trapeze tailpiece gold welcome to musicdungeon. I dont think this turned out too bad sounding considering all the usual excuses for why it sounds crappy like cheap mic, bad room, all that stuff not. The typical archtop is a hollowbody guitar whose form is much like that of a mandolin or violin family instrument and may be acoustic or electric.

Some solidbody electric guitars are also considered archtop guitars, the most notable being the gibson les paul. The issue is that since it is an archtop the top cypress shown is book matched and wedged towards the middle but i made the mistake of cutting the horn out of the wrong side because i drew it from the back so now the cutout to give you access to the higher frets is on the top which defeats the purpose and makes it look different. This top of the line and hard to find model is made of aaaa spruce with maple back and sides. Ultnice ebony archtop guitar bridge bone saddle luthier jazz guitar part. Archtop basses discussion in basses bg started by brett7276, jul 23, 2011.

All workshops are held in nazareth, pennsylvania at the nazareth guitar institute. Our desire is to provide you with unique access to. Tom bills has been hand crafting one of a kind custom guitars for the top players and collectors around the world since 1998. I dont think this turned out too bad sounding considering all the usual excuses for why it sounds crappy like cheap mic, bad room, all that stuff not to mention my complete lack of fretless intonation. Learn special tricks and techniques for properly fitting archtop guitar braces for gluing in this ebook, how to fit archtop guitar braces. Taken directly from benedettos making an archtop guitar, these templates take the mystery out of top and back carving. My name is ronald smith and i have been building guitars since 1997 and have produced many fine instruments.

Reduced plan image and accompanying article appear in big red book of american lutherie vol. Mostly using handtools and guided by the book making an archtop guitar by robert benedetto. Siminoff brings to the table more than four decades of luthiery experience and shares the timetested philosophies, tips and technology of the craft. Visit our long island guitar shop in farmingdale, new york for an amazing experience. Archtop acoustic bass archtop acoustic bass a handy but projecting instrument for the bassist. The acoustic archtops stature began to diminish in the 1950s, as guitarists in increasing numbers turned to electric instruments. An essential item for the instrument builder, the luthiers handbook explores the secrets and science behind making goodsounding acoustic stringed instruments. Inside the iconic guitar of the legendary queen guita. Have the bug to try an archtop basslooked at a bill moll express and a ribbecke hafling which blew my mind as did the price wondering before i have a bass sell a thon again if there was a more. But the 1990s witnessed a resurgence of the archtops popularity with players, collectors, and luthiers, many of whom were inspired by luthier robert benedettos landmark book, making an archtop guitar. Hover over the image to see a slideshow of more guitars.

Every musician has the dream of crafting their own instrument. Feb 08, 2019 archtop guitar is a retrolooking guitar originally from the 20th century. Lloyd loar worked briefly for the gibson guitar corporation making mandolins and guitars. Sep 18, 2015 luthiers who specialize in building and making custom archtop guitars. Oct 01, 2014 nazareth guitar institutes archtop guitar building 7day workshop. We celebrate the archtop as the pinnacle of this art. The violin of auschwitz by maria angels anglada, brian mays red special.

Fine archtops mission fine archtops is devoted to the archtop jazz guitar. T he archtop acoustic bass is inspired by the mexican guitaron. We bring together the customer and exclusive guitar luthiers who have devoted their lives to the creation of their magnificent custom instruments. Tom is also the author of the guitar making book dvd set the art of lutherie published by mel bay, and has written for and been featured in may publications both in print and online as well as several television and film spots. A with the right guidance and a little time, this dream is achievable. Archedtop semihollow electric bass guitar veillette guitars. Baroque diamond guitar fret crowning dressing file. He proceeded to read every book and publication possible in order to teach himself. Archtop guitars and mandolins essay the metropolitan. Custom archtop guitars find archtop guitar luthiers. Devoted to connecting archtop fans with guitar building experts to get dream. Banjo, ukulele, bass amps, music images, bass guitars, acoustic guitars. The classic full hollowbody fhole archtop guitar is a unique traditional vintage style of guitar.

Who ever could hear one will confirm that this idea works. Letain guitars custom archtop, basses, electric stringed. If you aspire to being a luthier, not merely a builder of instruments, this book is the best investment you could possibly make. Improves primarily the performance of the seventh string. Doityourself project books will always be popular with library patrons, and the build your own guitar field has gotten somewhat crowded. Selling my bourgeois a500 hand carved archtop guitar. Jazz ukulele jazzukulele tenorukulele, built like an acoustic archtop guitar. Using these fullscale templates youll accurately lay out the neck, top.

Jeffs love of the art, music, woodwork and sculpture makes guitar building his target of passion. Luthier owner, christopher bass guitar ok, this is a recording of the prototype, not the one im building now. Click on the luthier s names or a guitar that interests you pictured below for more information. The archtop guitar and mandolin are distinctly american forms of two traditional european instruments. This 17 maple and red spruce hybrid archtop with an offset sound hole is in a class by itself. The most famous example is the hofner violin bass used by paul mccartney. Awesome customer service and secure checkout are always included with your hollowbody archtop purchase.

Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Letain guitars are instruments designed for musicians and collectors who appreciate hand crafted one of a kind guitars. Cs archtop guitar to see the full size images, you need to enable javascript in your browser. A traditional archtop guitar designed with influence taken from the art deco period reflected in the headstock and pickguard design and the inlay. Interested in having your very own custom guitar constructed. Archtop instruments incorporate a number of construction features that are taken from the violin, most significantly the carved, arched soundboard top and back. Madison rast bass guitar made by american archtop guitars i could write a book was composed by. Archedtop semihollow electric bass guitar veillette. It can be often seen in music genres such as jazz or blues. Though his l5 was less than successful at first, it eventually set the standard for jazz guitar for half a century.

See more ideas about archtop guitar, guitar building and guitar. However, archtop guitar usually refers to the hollow body form. Its all there in high definition video with easy to follow instructions. The city limits jazz is a fully appointed all solid wood jazz archtop. Kim walker is unique in his ability to make quality guitars in all genres, be it flattop or archtop, says the smithsonian institutions randall kremer.

In 2012 i build an archtop jazz guitar for my daugther miriam. A collection of improvised chordal arrangements, written in the chord styles of wes montgomery, barney kessel,cal collins, and warren nunes. The bass guitar, electric bass, or simply bass, is the lowestpitched member of the guitar family. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Collectible guitar book specialist i specialize in used collectible and affordable jazz archtop guitars and rare collectable out of print illustrated guitar books. A on these pages you will find information that will assist people on both ends on the. Nazareth guitar institutes archtop guitar building 7day workshop. With its construction and elements of a violin, such as f holes on its resonating box, it stands for the unusual looking type of guitar. The creation of archtop guitars and mandolins is credited to orville gibson of kalamazoo, michigan.

When you come to the class, well provide you with supplies and tools, as well as personally supervise your building. Kim walker is a solo luthier who builds about 20 guitars per year in his north stonington, connecticut, shop. With the style and sophistication of a fine cello, and the ruggedness and feedback resistance of our paris acousticelectrics, the archtop is truly a compelling blend of classic and modern. I know of no other work offering comprehensive step by step coverage of the making of an acoustic jazz guitar. Popular luthier books meet your next favorite book. Buy hollowbody archtop online now from the music zoo. Instruments accessories ordering tips friends selling your guitar. Letain guitars is a gallery of jeff letains work as a luthier. Fullsize blueprint for old gibson a style archtop mandolin. Archtop 4string bass guitars have been manufactured since the use of electric pickups became popular. A some people need little more than a reference book. Warwick makes a range of archtop 4, 5, and 6string bass guitars.

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