3com 5500g ei commands for mac

You will need to know then when you get a new router, or when you reset your router. The switch that i am using is not currently connected to the. I recently had a problem in my home lab where i had forgotten the password to my 3com 2928 sfp plus switch. Find answers to dhcp relay on 3com 5500g from the expert community at experts exchange. I could see the switches boot activity but nothing i typed would appear on the console window so if you have this problem, get another cable. Find the default login, username, password, and ip address for your 3com switch router. In this example, the maximum number of eight 8 3com 5500gs have been stacked together into.

Getting started details the main features and configurations of the switch 5500gei. Logging in commands 24 authenticationmode 24 autoexecute command 24 command privilege level 25 databits 26 display history command 27 display userinterface 27 display users 29 free userinterface 29 header 30 history command maxsize 32 idletimeout 33 languagemode 33 lock 34 parity 34. Setting and manual 3com 5500gei switch cara membuat vlan 1. Okay so i have been given the opportunity to redesign our network ip structure and decided to implement vlans using a 3com 5500g ei multilayer switch. Dhcp relay on 3com 5500g solutions experts exchange. We put the new 3com stackable switches to the test. To see which file will be deleted, enter display startup 5500geichange selfunit to autonumbering this command will remove any saved switch unit number. The stack is connected via the builtin sfpbased gigabit ports that provide plugandplay hardware detection and automated configuration. The 3com switch 4200g family command reference guide list all commands in alphabetical order.

Use the display multicast routingtable and display igmp group commands to view the tables. View and download 3com 5500 ei pwr reference manual online. Default settings 26 2 installing the switch package contents 28 choosing a suitable site 29 rackmounting 30 switch 5500 non poe 30 switch 5500 and switch 5500gei poe 32. Network administrators network engineers users who are familiar with the basics of networking. With this rps, all 384 10100 ports on a stack of eight switch 5500gei pwr 48port units can receive the industry standard 15. However when i connect a device to the ports that have been setup for the vlans it. This version of 3com 5500ei manual compatible with such list of devices, as. Cara mereset 3com ke default konfigurasi 5500gei reset savedconfiguration cara keluar dari system 3com 5500gei quit. So i was unable to logon to the web administration page to configure the ports. All i need is to setup up spanning tree on an interface 116 on my 3com 5500g switch core switch so that traffic from interfaces 1025 to 1028, 111, and 112, which connect to 3com 4500 switches installed around the building, send traffic to this spanning tree interface. Download quick reference manual of 3com 5500ei switch for free or view it online on.

The 3com superstack 4 5500gel is a enterprise ready gigabit speed network switch. It is slightly different than you would do on a cisco device as you do not specifiy the switchport or not. The ndp output shows the neighbor platform, the port and mac address, but does not show the ip address. Cluster view cluster switchto use the cluster switchto command to switch between the management device and member devices for configuration and management. View and download 3com 5500gei command reference manual online.

As i understand it, if you do not know any usernamespasswords for the switch your only option is to perform a factory reset, losing all configuration from the switch. How do i find a mac address on 3com 5500 hp networking. The 3com switch 5500gei 24port sfp can be stacked eight high to provide up to 192 front panel basex sfp ports. Getting started details the main features and configurations of the switch 5500g ei. Superstack 4 switch 5500 family getting started guide. There are serveral ways but, if you have a serial console cable you can set the ip using the following process. Just enter mac address and get its vendor name or give vendor title and determine his mac adresses list. Superstack 4 switch 5500gei family command reference.

We have 7 3com switch 5500gei pwr 48port manuals available for free pdf download. Buy 3com switch 5500gei switch 24 ports 3cr17250 91. We have a device on the lan taking all dhcp addresses, and it is plugged into our 5500. Superstack 4 switch 5500gei family configuration guide. Their manageability and support for vlans, radius authentication, 802. For radius users, i used the mac media access control addresses of client devices under test as the user names and passwords, per. Binding the mac address and ip address of a legal user to the specified port 51.

Here is a sample configuration of how you would enable a vlan interface and corresponding layer 2 vlan ports on a 3com 5500g switch. Configuration manual, command reference manual, getting started manual, quick reference manual, product manual, specifications. The 3com 3300gel provides 24 wirespeed ports at gigabit speeds, and is a stackable switch. Note that i went through several of them before i found one that would let me send characters to the device. Hp a550024g ei switch with 2 interface slots jd377a hp a550024g dc ei switch jd373a. Port operation details how to configure ethernet port and link aggregation. I want to find the port the device is plugged into. Organization of the manual the switch 5500gei configuration guide consists of the following chapters. System view active regionconfiguration use the active regionconfiguration command to activate the settings of an mst multiple. Configure spanning tree on 3com switch expertsexchange. A index of commands organized by function is provided at the end of this document. View and download 3com 5500g configuration and command reference manual online. All, is it possible to configure acls for multiple ports at once on 3 com 5500g. The following commands are used to return the switch to factory default settings reset savedconfiguration this command will remove the user saved configuration file.

System view arp static use the arp static command to manually configure the static arp mapping entries in the arp. I need to configure ipaddress on my 3com 5500gei via console port, but it doesnt answer on my commands. Page 1 3com switch 5500g open services networking configuration and command reference guide. User interface view acl use the acl command to define an acl identified by a number, and enter the corresponding acl view. Reset 3com switch to factory defaults forgot password. From the boot menu, the following commands may be used to select the appropriate defaults. Did the server maybe register what the mac of that pc was from when it was on the other network and something needs to be flushed to allow it to show up on the other subnet now. Organization of the manual the switch 5500g ei configuration guide consists of the following chapters. The 3com switch 5500gei 48port is a premium stackable 10100 switch with enhanced image ei software for businesses running the most demanding network applications requiring the highest five 9s network uptime. A stack of switch 5500g switches could support up to 16 rearfacing.

I am trying to track the mac address of a device on our 3com 5500ei switch. Intended readership the manual is intended for the following readers. The following commands are used to return the switch to factory default settings. Command line interface 37 command line view 37 features and functions of command line 40. I have set up 3 vlans i have the generic vlan1 and i have created 2 other vlans 2 and 3. I am used to cisco and i am trying to trace down a mac and i have no idea what the cdp neighbors are. Many commands are taken directly from the manufacturers manual. Vendorethernetbluetooth mac address lookup and search. Networking products free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Hello friends, the following commands are accepted by most switches 3com and are quite useful. Combined with the switchs enhanced image ei software, the 3com 5500gel is capab. Products sold prior to the november 1, 2015 separation of hewlettpackard company into hewlett packard enterprise company and hp inc.

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