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Berhubung di judulnya aja udah jelas nih ya, ane bakal langsung aja bahas tentang film ini, yang berjudul guinea pig. Unabridged agony is a 1985 film directed by satoru ogura, and the first entry in the series. Guinea pig complete series limited box english subtitles 4 dvd. Devils experiment 1985 disturbing breakdown spookyrice. The devils experiment ist ein japanischer horrorfilm aus dem jahr 1985. Za vise informacija o tome sto je zapravo guinea pig serijal, bacite oko na prijasnji post o flowers of flesh and blood. Guinea pig is defined as any experimental material. Devils experiment 1985 is the first of the extremist series from directorproducerwriter satoru ogura, who wanted to make a series of films tailormade for hardcore horror and gore fans. A woman is tortured to death in this japanese snuff movie which purports to be found footage and which upset charlie sheen so much that. Bagi yang doyan sama filmfilm yang ada darahdarahnya gitu, film ini. A group of guys capture a young girl with the intent of hurting her. Late at night, a woman is kidnapped by an unknown assailant and taken back to his bloodspattered dungeon, where he turns her into a flower of blood and flesh through a series of dismemberment and evisceration. This is the sort of film youd hear about for its reputation as being one of the most disgusting films youll ever see, and while it very much is exactly. The guinea pig s series doesnt follow traditional films making not even like other splatter gore films.

Guinea pig devils experiment andriod of notre dame double feature. Hardcore porn films fall into two categories those with a semblance of plot gee that is one lucky pizza boy and those without anal amateurs 36. Devils experiment android of notre dame from amazons movies store. Check out our guinea pig shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom. In fact, the whole japanese guinea pig series has become a muchcoveted treasure, an underground classic that often serves as the gateway for horror fans between hollywood franchises and independent, noholdsbarred extreme cinema. Toshihiko hino, mio takaki, tochiro taguchi, kazuhito kuramoto, satoru. While guinea pig 3 tested the waters by branching out in a more comedic direction, the 4 th installment, devil doctor woman, jumps in with both feet, taking the series from horror to fullblown slapstick comedy. The guinea pig was a hideous mutant creature created by the school of democracy, likely through the same experiments that created the chimera encountered throughout mission 4. Guinea pig, gini piggu is a japanese horror film series that consists of six films. Looking back now you can somewhat see how this film could have kicked off what it did, but i think at the end of the day. So, some 25 years after first reading about the legendary guinea pig series in horror fanzines this was preinternet kids, i have finally seen one. Devils experiment horror short is part 1 of 5 in the guinea pig series. What you have is a horror film stripped to the bare essentials of what makes a good horror movie.

I film guinea pig ginii piggu sono una produzione horror giapponese di genere splatterrealizzata negli anni ottanta e divenuta famosa per via degli effetti specialistraordinariamente realistici. Devils experiment 2000 first part of the infamous series guinea pig za ginipiggu. Devils experiment movie a group of guys capture a young girl with the intent of hurting her. If you have a sensitive stomach, stay away this one. The complete beginner s guide to guinea pig care and facts how.

This would be one out of two films out of the six film guinea pig collection to go for a snuff feel. Guinea pig the devils experiment 1985 vm18 asian sub ita. Guinea pig devils experiment shirt gore cult flower of flesh and blood. Akuma no jikken is a 1985 japanese horror film written and directed by satoru ogura, and the first film in the guinea pig film series the film depicts a group of three men who graphically abuse a woman in a number of ways. Mereka menyiksanya dengan berbagai cara, dari mengalahkan dia untuk meletakkan sepotong tajam logam seperti jarum melalui matanya yang menembus di retina nya. This films sole purpose is to offend and sicken the viewer with its unnecessary violence, and for its time was an experiment in how far the boundaries of acceptance where in film. Its commentary said this is a report of an experiment in the breaking point of bearable pain and the corrosion of peoples senses, but it was, in fact, an exhibition of devilish cruelty as three perpetrators severely abused a woman. Which is good, because it doesnt have any of those things. Devils experiment 1985 ironically enough, both released by unearthed films. They torture her in many ways, from beating her to putting a sharp piece of needlelike metal through her eye which pierces across her retina. The guinea pig series contains seven films, two makingof documentaries and the slaughter special, a bestofthebest compilation from the films.

Devils experiment 1985 is a disturbing horror movie. Like a ridiculously fast rollercoaster, the point with the guinea pig films isnt in the journey but rather the ride itself its a test of endurance. The guinea pig series is a nasty collection of gore films that range from pure shock cinema to eloquent storytelling, but make no mistake about it. Guinea pig sounds guinea pig sound effect guinea pig noises. The film depicts a group of men who kidnap and graphically torture a young woman in a variety of waysthese include hitting her, kicking her, pinching her with pliers, forcing her to endure. The realistic nature of the fx work and the grainy quality of the. I film guinea pig ginii piggu sono una produzione horror giapponese di genere splatter. Devils experiment is 43 minutes of little more than petty misogyny and one slightly impressive gore effect. Erst bekommt sie einen schlag nach dem anderen ins gesicht. With, the devils experiment originally just titled guinea pig, we have the infamous film that started it all for the now infamous line of guinea pig films. Devils experiment legendary is not only accurate, it might just be an understatement. The devils experiment in particular because out of all the films in the guinea pig series, this one is by far the most sadistic and cruel in terms of its sheer disregard for human life and suffering. You need to have javascript enabled in order to use.

Flower of flesh and blood horror short guinea pig 3. Today we breakdown the first film in the extreme japanese horror franchise called guinea pig. It has little to offer the viewer other than a few cheap shocks, and even those are few and in between when the supposed shocks are boring on all counts. Akuma no jikken is the first video release in the guinea pig series. Unabridged agony is a 1985 film directed by satoru ogura, and the first entry in the. The devils experiment runs at just over 40 mins long as do the rest of the films in the series. It is of course the horror version of hardcore porn. It is presented in a foundfootage style, with onscreen text claiming. No credits rolling or plot and characters developments, its usually a single setting with a certain deviation of actors and acts all around. Compra guinea pig complete series limited tinboxmetalcase english subtitles.

Guinea pig devils experiment andriod of notre dame. It was encountered by ivan and nick and managed to kill the latter. They torture her in many ways, from beating her to putting a sharp piece of needlelike metal through her. Ive got two short ones for you courtesy of insano steves warped mind. This movie, straight from land of the rising sun, is a real eyeopener and gutbuster for sure.

Film pendek yang berdurasi sekitar 40 menit ini adalah sebuah film gore gitu deh yang diproduksi dari negara jepang pada tahun 1985. It still manages to be violent and disturbing but the. If you are a sicko looking for 43 minutes of japanese, unnecessary, sadistic violence in a plotless scenario intended solely to offend the viewer, push the boundaries of what is acceptable in film and provide snuff porno for serial killers throughout europe then look no further than the first instalment of the guinea pig movies, the devils experiment. The guinea pigs series doesnt follow traditional films making not even like other splatter gore films.

Now that ive managed to finish up the whole thing, i can safely say that i have no motive to watch any of the rest of the guinea pig films. Devil doctor woman 1986 may, 2017 by corin in extreme cinema. Come nei lavori originali nello specifico i primi due segmenti. Devils experiment years ago, i was never able to finish it. Kaufen sie guinea pig complete series limited box english. Devils experiment falls solidly into the latter category. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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